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Diabetes Management


First, patients must realize it when they have either pre-diabetes or diabetes. This requires screening tests by their doctors’ orders, especially for anyone who is overweight or has a family history of diabetes. Patients with hypoglycemia not infrequently convert to diabetes as they grow older. Fasting blood sugars are a reasonable start but HbA1C tests are more accurate. Those who are overweight should be encouraged to eat less and better, and exercise more. Obesity is a major cause of gene expression in active diabetes. As soon as pre-diabetes or diabetes is detected, a careful reassessment of lifestyle factors should be instituted.

This is where Dr. Sajjad can help. After a thorough analysis of the test results, Dr. Sajjad will be able to customize a plan for the patient that will him/her better manage their diabetes. A healthy diet is crucial, with a special emphasis on low carbs if high triglycerides or metabolic syndrome is present. Regular exercise and an effective way to deal with stress are important. Smoking and excessive environmental pollution are to be avoided as much as possible. Regular monitoring of lipids, HbA1C, kidney function tests such as creatinine with GFR and micro-albumen, vitamin D3 levels, annual eye exams, vascular screenings, and careful attention to the feet are all required. The sensitive CRP, homocysteine, and ferritin levels should be checked at least once. A challenge test is the best way to screen for toxic metals. At KôR, Dr. Sajjad her team can help you through it all.


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